DACE is een onafhankelijk stichting met als missie de constante ontwikkeling van de vakgebieden Cost Engineering en Value Management door de gehele keten heen binnen de procesindustrie, grond-, weg- en waterbouw (GWW) en machinebouw & maakindustrie in Nederland.

Certified Cost Engineer 2021 - 2022

Start: 21-sep-2021
Eind: 23-sep-2021

There is a growing demand for highly qualified Cost Engineers. Companies acknowledge the need for good estimating, planning and cost control capabilities for the preparation and execution of their capital projects. The Cost Engineer is at the pivot point between technical project requirements and the financial framework in a company. In that role, the Cost Engineer is essential for effective projects, and supports the project manager to deliver projects within schedule and budget. In more general terms, Cost Engineers acquire ever more important roles in the control of entire company operations.
The Certified Cost Engineer Course will accelerate the development of your professional skills
For many years, DACE has organized the Certified Cost Engineer (CCE) Course, which facilitates the increase in the number of cost engineers in the Dutch-speaking region. As the course is recognized to be very valuable by companies also working outside the Netherlands, the need for an international accessible course was identified. To fulfil this industrial requirement, DACE developed an international version of the CCE course by upgrading and renewing existing course materials in the English language. DACE proudly presents the international version of this successful course.

Course objectives 

The course is focused on application of Cost Engineering in the process industry (petrochemical, food and beverages etc.) However, during the course parallels will be drawn to different industries, such as construction and infrastructure. Therefore the course will be very instructive and valuable for a broad range of engineers working in many different areas related to project costs. The CCE course will help you develop your professional skills and competences to be a successful cost estimator, planner and cost controller in a wide range of project types.
Dutch Association of Cost Engineers (DACE) is founded to share and promote Cost Engineering knowledge. DACE is a non-profit organization supported by industry. DACE organizes courses, network activities, price booklets and labour norms. 

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