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The 4cost – solution at Rheinmetall Defence Electronik GmbH

Parametric Analysis
01-01-2009 | Publicatie
Auteur: 4costs
The 4cost – solution at
Rheinmetall Defence Electronik GmbH
About Rheinmetall
The division of the Rheinmetall Defence Group is one of the
prominently among the international defense and security industry.
With approximately 7,200 employees generated Rheinmetall Defence
annual sales of € 1.8 billion.
As the leading European supplier of army technology, the company
has a wide array of platforms and components, as single solutions as
well as network system solutions. Rheinmetall Defence stands for
longstanding experience and innovation in armored vehicles, weapons
and ammunition, in the fields of air defense and electronics - and the
requirements of the navy and air force in the area of internal security.
The ability to integrate components into system solutions Rheinmetall
Defence makes it a strong partner to the international armies and
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