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28-09-2011 | Publicatie
Auteur: Jaap Vreeburg, Ferry Zöllner
Achieving first quartile performance in the current oil and gas industrial environment is challenging. The ability to make the
right decision fast and accurate in the early phases of a project becomes evidently more important. The Capital Cost
Estimating Tool is capable of providing project estimates even when minimal information is known. By means of
mathematical models describing engineering scope, quantities are calculated. A framework for cost calculations provides an
end-to-end approach to estimate project cost.
Trefwoorden: Shell Global Solutions International, Capital Cost, Estimating Tool, SCOPE TO COST, END-TO-END
Bijgewerkt op: 05-01-2016
Bron: Capital Cost Estimating Tool 19 September 2011 By Jaap Vreeburg and Ferry Zöllner (Shell Global Solutions International B.V.)
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