DACE is een onafhankelijk stichting met als missie de constante ontwikkeling van de vakgebieden Cost Engineering en Value Management door de gehele keten heen binnen de procesindustrie, grond-, weg- en waterbouw (GWW) en machinebouw & maakindustrie in Nederland.

First Value Management Certificate issued by University of Twente

Last week, Li Jiang was the first to receive an official Value Management certificate from Robin de Graaf, lecturer of the course in Value Management (Civil Engineering, University of Twente). A unique situation as this is the only university course in the Netherlands that is a certified Value Management training at the same time! ‚Äč

Being a certified training means that the course meets all the requirements of the European Value Management Certification System, as controlled by the European Governing Board (www.valueforeurope.com). It allows students who pass the course to apply for the Qualified Value Associate title (QVA). This QVA is the first in a series of professional development steps towards becoming a certified Value Manager. The QVA title is acknowledged throughout Europe and accepted in most other parts of the world too. Moreover, the QVA is sometimes mandated in complex projects. 

The course teaches students the principles of Value Management and trains specific skills on how to apply it in practice. Or as Li Jiang says: “I had a very enjoyable experience in the Value Management class. I think the concept of Value Management is very innovative, no longer paying attention to the construction structure like in the traditional way, but focusing on the actual functions, which really inspires me! Because of this course, I became interested in Value Management and I will further study it, or even start my career in the field of Value Management!”

As a follow-up on the course, students can also do their Master thesis on Value Management. This sets the stage for further teaching and research in this field and for expanding the Value Management community.

For more information on the course, the certified training and/or Value Management professional development, contact Robin de Graaf (r.s.degraaf@utwente.nl) / 053-4894883.

Picture: The Value Management Continuous Professional Development trajectory (source: https://valueforeurope.com/training-certification/

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