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Estimating with DACE Price Booklet and Labour Norms

Value Management
02-11-2015 | Anders
Auteur: R. van Hoeve
Purpose of this paper is to show the use of the DACE Price Booklet [28th edition, May 2011] and DACE Labour Norms V2 [2nd edition, November 2011] when estimating the costs of a distillation unit for a fatty acids installation. The DACE Price Booklet and the Labour Norms are composed by the Special Interest Group Cost Engineering Process Industry [SIG CEPI] of the Dutch Association Cost Engineers [DACE]. The DACE Price Booklet has been published every 18 months since 1959; the costs have been established from judgement of actual costs of recently finished petro chemical plants in North West Europe. Basically the mentioned prices are for supply only except for the equipment, piping and civil section which also gives costs for installation, for this reason the SIG CEPI started to compile Labour Norms in 2008, which resulted in the first edition of the Labour Norms followed up by an extended and
updated edition in November 2011. From now on the DACE Price Booklet [28th edition, May 2011] will be referred to as Price Booklet and DACE Labour Norms V2 [2nd edition, November 2011] as Labour Norms.
Trefwoorden: DACE Price Booklet, Labournorms, cost engineers, Cost Engineering process industry, piping, civil, installation, norms
Bijgewerkt op: 02-11-2015
Bron: DACE Price Booklet and DACE Labour Norms
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