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Design to cost in de Nederlandse aannemerij-DTC-EMVI-DTC-D&C-projecten

Cost Engineering Process Industry
09-11-2015 | Vakblad
Auteur: Kees Vermeij
Artikel over de design van de kosten in nederland. o.a. dtc, emvi, dtc en d&c projecten
Projects with a maximized Client budget could take advantage of the principles of Design to
Budget (or Design to Cost, DTC). However project owners do not always tender their contracts according
to the most common definition of DTC. Generally public tenders are based on the Most Economically
Advantageous Tender (MEAT) criteria and the tender procedure often includes a dialogue phase.
Still the contractor applies the principles of DTC in such a tender, because he feels this is the only way to
obtain successful award of the project. The budget is clear, but to gain insight to the Client’s requirements
is particularly difficult. The contractor has to join up with designers who give continuous consideration
to fulfil the Client’s requirements and wishes. Great effort is needed from all parties involved
during the tender phase to translate the wishes of the Client to the proposed design, within budget.
Subsequently continuous efforts are required in the implementation phase to bring the project to a
successful completion for both the client and the contractor, meeting their expectations.
Trefwoorden: projecten, design, Cost, aannemerij, dtc, emvi, d&C
Bijgewerkt op: 26-11-2015
Bron: COSTandVALUE april 2014
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