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Gecombineerde Value-studie verhoogt waarde project ecologische verbindingszone eem

General (all areas of expertise)
09-11-2015 | Vakblad
Auteur: Joeri Ponten, Roland de Groot, Victor Loehr, Mike Woning
A new approach in value studies was explored
by combining Value Engineering and Eco Dynamic Design
methodologies in a single study. Key objective of this study
was to find a solution for the barrier that highway A1
currently represents in an ecological corridor along the
river Eem, by maximizing functionality of the corridor
within the available budget. Through workshops with
stakeholders and ecology specialists, a solution was developed
that facilitated virtually all target species within
budget. The combined methodologies improved each
other by their different procedures (i.e., focus on system
functions and spatial developments), and contributed
to a broad support among the stakeholders.
Trefwoorden: Value, studie, waarde, project, exologische, verbindingszone, eem
Bijgewerkt op: 26-11-2015
Bron: COSTandVALUE april 2014
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