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Kwantificeren van onzekerheden en risico's bij infrastructuur projecten-risicodossier-kostenraming

Probabilistic Risk Analysis / Risk Management
20-11-2015 | Vakblad
Auteur: Joep van der Meer
Working as a Senior Cost Consultant for Rijkswaterstaat
(Department of Watermanagement, Highways and Public
Works) Joep van der Meer describes the difficulties of estimating
a budget for large infrastructural projects. There are numerous
uncertainties one encounters while calculating the building costs.
First problem is that it is not in the principals interest to indicate
exactly what he wants, he wants to leave all his opportunities
open. And when eventually the scope of the project is getting
clearer, there are still fluctuations in quantities and
prices. One also has to deal with risks and unexpected
events. Last but not least, while tendering, there is a
problem in predicting the final bid. How much rebate will
the contractor give you?Being transparent and document
your assumptions, especially the scope of work, is the only
way to reduce this problems. Expert judgment will always
be needed...
Trefwoorden: kwantificeren, onzekerheden, risico's, infrastructuur, projecten, risicodossier, kostenraming
Bijgewerkt op: 26-11-2015
Bron: COSTandVALUE april 2014
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