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23-11-2015 | Vakblad
Auteur: Ed Antoine en Gerard Filé
Unidentified risks and risk assessment in the construction industry are still difficult to define. For an academic approach there is still insufficient comparable data. Studies like Tom Kremers (COSTandVALUE October 2014) cover a limited number of projects. It is concluded that risk assessment is not the proper instrument to identify unidentified risks, that external stakeholders and politics have severe impact on the risk profile and that today’s contract types introduce exogenous risks that cannot be controlled and mitigated by the contractor.
We pleat for more transparent risk awareness by involving the cost en risk manager in an early stage in the project. The cost engineer can provide an early stage risk profile to check this with the risk expectations and the risk attitude of the client. In future BIM could be used as a means to support a more structured approach of risk assessment. Furthermore we should investigate the impact of modern contract types and the impact of the project phase on the unidentified risks.
Trefwoorden: probabilistische kostenraming, projectfasering, gww. ssk
Bijgewerkt op: 26-11-2015
Bron: COSTandVALUE oktober 2015
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