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Value management in gebiedsonwikkeling

General (all areas of expertise)
23-11-2015 | Vakblad
Auteur: Ingrid Bolier
How does Value Management contribute to Urban area
development? This was the central focus of the meeting that
was jointly organized by DACE and Witteveen+Bos on January
22th 2015. The participants explored how this systematic
and creative approach can provide ideas for value optimization
in regional development on the basis of a casus, the
port- and hinterland development of Beira in Mozambique.
During the meeting, issues, main performances and the
functionalities with improvement-potential were exposed. The
meeting inspired the participants by sharing knowledge and
discuss ideas between both experienced Value Engineers and
interested outsiders.
Trefwoorden: VM, Value Management, Urban area development, gebiedsontwikkeling, functieanalyse, Beira, issueanalyse, prestaticriteria
Bijgewerkt op: 26-11-2015
Bron: COSTandVALUE oktober 2015
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