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Let's do it first time wrong... but FAST'

Cost Engineering Process Industry
01-09-2005 | Publicatie
Auteur: ir. Leo C.M.M. van Geffen ir. Timme R. Hendriksen
Academic paper with presentation on ECCI in Poland, September 2005
It is generally observed that conceptual thinking in functions rather than in objects is
difficult for many people. Only when concrete solutions are within sight reference and
measurement can be made to what one really wants in terms of ‘value’. Furthermore
there is a widespread misconception that we always have to ‘hit right’ the first time.
This is being stimulated by hypes like ‘First Time Right’. It is demonstrated that even
when we have the illusion to hit first time right the ultimate result will not be the
optimal one if one reasons back with hindsight
Trefwoorden: Value, SMART, Paper, Value Engineering:
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Bron: 'Let's do it first time wrong... but FAST' Paper for ECCI 9, Poland
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