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Cost engineering in the Chinese Construction Sector

Cost Engineering Process Industry
29-10-2009 | Publicatie
Auteur: Peter K.M. Ho
China has been moving away from a planned economy system towards a market economy. The cost engineering system in China has also been evolving to suit this socialist economy system. The paper examined the recent development of some
elements of cost engineering relating to the construction sectors as follows and provided some comments thereon :
• The cost control process - 5 key stages of cost assessment
• Tendering and Bidding System
• Bills of Quantities and All-in-rates
• Contract Forms
• Qualifications Control
Trefwoorden: cost engineering, China, cost assessment, socialist market economy system
Bijgewerkt op: 05-01-2016
Bron: Cost Control in the Chinese Construction Sector Peter K.M. Ho
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